Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Finally Over

Barack Obama is the President Elect of the United States. John McCain just conceded. People are still voting in Hawai'i. This has to be a record for the fastest concession ever in a Presidential election.

I thought it was impossible for a Dark Horse candidate to win the Presidency in modern times. At the beginning of the campaign two years ago, (a record time span for a Presidential race) most people had never heard of him. Now, starting January 20, 2009, Barack Obama is the President.

I voted for Bob Barr. Obama is probably who we need right now, but after 2000, I have to vote for the best man. In 2000, I thought Bush would be better than Gore, so I didn't vote for Browne, even though I thought he was the better man. I made up for that blunder by voting for Badnarik in 2004. I refused to repeat 2000 this time. Even though Barr was my choice, I am cautiously happy about Obama's victory.

Edit: McCain's concession speech seemed a bit racist. He seemed impressed with the progress of the negro. I use the word negro because the McCain speech reminds me of a speech William Howard Taft gave 100 years ago on the progress the former slaves had made since they were freed and what his party was doing for civil rights.

Republicans prayed for god's will to be done. The book of Romans says that national leaders are chosen by god. Only cognitive dissonance could even suggest to Christian Dominionists that they are right. If Jesus is real, he likes Obama. Suck it, Palin. No, really. Suck it, Palin. MILF, or rather MILP (Mom I'd like to punch).

By February, I'll be pissed off at Obama and ready for 2012. Tonight, I'm happy.

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